Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dainty Love

Hey Girls!

Here is my first post on the blog! Super excited! I have been thinking of blogging since a long time but couldn't get my lazy ass to do any work. Anyway, here is the post. This shoot happened a while back but I did not upload the pictures. I m a sucker for corsets and denims. See the pictures, you'll get to know :D

Bag: Michael Kors
Navy Blue Shirt: Mango
Corset: Cupid (Pune)
Denims: Forever 21
Wedge Sneakers: Forever 21
Accessories: Promod


Hey Peeps!

Finally I am starting with my blog, "La Chica Loca" which means "the crazy girl" in Spanish. I was only on Instagram till now but many of my followers asked me to start with my blog. So here we go :) I will be blogging mostly about Fashion, Food and Lifestyle.