Friday, 30 January 2015

My Valentine's Day Fix!

Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
-Orson Welles
What's up beautiful people?!
The most romantic day, Valentines Day is coming up soon and I am pretty sure all you girls must be looking for something to look really pretty for your special someone. Well, you don't have to worry about looking around anymore as Ziveg has come up with this latest collection of heart shaped baubles! Find your favorite pendents, earrings or those pretty heart shaped stunning rings made from sterling silver and Swarovski Zirconia elements. You can check out their website here.

 Ziveg sent me this amazing pair of heart shaped earrings that I absolutely adore. They are perfect for a date and proves to be a perfect Valentine's Day fix for girls. I would love to style it up with my blood red dress that I will be putting up on the blog soon!

 Also, Ziveg has something in for boys to help them find the perfect gift for Valentines Day ! They have a new range of couple bands that are absolutely adorable. A stand alone product of ZIVEG, couple bands made with Swarovski are a blend of simplicity with intricacy of designs. ZIVEG couple bands features in Swarovski elements, silver, rose gold, golden hues to savor the taste of every customer who adores the beauty of LOVE. Personally, I would love to get one of those bands as a gift. It's so adorable to wear same rings engraved with your names as a couple. And yes! Ziveg gives you the service of engraving names on the baubles!

 For all you amazing readers of my blog, Ziveg has been kind enough to do a GIVEAWAY with me as a Valentines Day special gift for you. All you have to do is follow the rules given below and be one of the proud owners of one of stunning heart shaped jewellery pieces from Ziveg! 

1. Repost the Giveaway picture above on Instagram and tag @ _aakriti_ and @ziveg
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The contest would end on 2nd Feb and winners would be announced on 3rd Feb based on the people who follow all rules and a random number generated!

All the best !! <3

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Leather Skater Skirt- Look 2

Some people think fashion is frivolous but it's not... it's just that some ideas come and go quickly, and that's the nature of the language of fashion.
-Douglas Coupland
 Hope you girls liked my earlier post featuring the leather skater skirt with a neon hint. You can check it out here if you still haven't. As I promised that I will be putting up another blog post featuring my love for the same skirt with a rather different look, I came up with the idea of wearing it with a velvet crop top.
My earlier post where I was wearing the neon Jack Daniels top was more of a day look with a full t-shirt and a blazer. This second look is more of a crazy night look with the combination of velvet and leather. If you are wondering from where I got that velvet crop top then you are in for a surprise! That ain't actually a top I got but it's a ready made blouse of a saree that I purchased from a local market. I wanted this exact same velvet crop top but couldn't find it anywhere so I thought of being a little more creative a finding a blouse that would look pretty much like a crop top. After all if you think about it most of the crop tops can be worn with a saree like a blouse. Hehe.
I styled this chic outfit with the same leather bag, studded Jeffery Campbell litas and my favourite Ray Bans. Also, like I mentioned in my earlier blog post, my new fashion statement are my collection of new designer cases from Daily Objects, I styled this outfit with my customized case.
Have a look at the pictures and do get creative with your outfits!

 Velvet Crop Top: Local Delhi Market
Leather Skater Skirt: Forever 21
Jeffery Campbell Litas: Stylish Womaniya Store
Leather Backpack: Forever 21

Monday, 26 January 2015

La Chica Loca ft. Daily Objects

When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together.

-Carine Roitfeld
Hey Peeps!
Fashion according to me is finding new things to look fashionable and looking unique with all that you carry. With all the accessories and beautiful clothes and make-up we forget to stylize something that we carry with us almost all the time. Your Cell Phone! We dress up everyday mixing and matching our clothes and shoes with various accessories and end up forgetting that our mobile cases looks the same old thing that we end up using till it gets ruined and unusable.
After my realization, I though to myself that I should stylize fashionable mobile cases with my outfits too! Revamp that boring case of yours and make it your new fashion statement. I ended up looking for a number of cases online and stopped my search when I came upon this amazing website of Daily Objects that has over 2000 designer cases and to top it all they provide you with the service of customizing your own mobile case. They use MT3 Technology that basically doesn't let the design peel off and stuff.
I got gaga over designs and got myself many cases including a customized case with one of my favorite blog pictures. It also proves to be a great gift too if you wana just print your picture together with friends, etc. Since I am a fashion maniac, I absolutely fell in love with their new line of fashion cases designed by Anna Hammar. You have to see her cute designs and I ensure you that you will love em. I got two of her designs which you can see in the pictures below. I can't wait to style all these beautiful cases with my outfits!

Have a look at the cases that I got!

 Oh and I composed a few pictures to show you how pretty these cases look as a fashion accessory!
I absolutely love the floral one and it can be used with any bright pretty dress. The girl power designer cases by Anna are very chic and fashionable. I am currently using the geometrical design case that goes perfectly with my everyday denims!

 Hope you guys enjoyed today's post and do check out for the amazing cases if you are looking for any or just in case my post inspired you to carry a case as a fashion accessory. 


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Leather Skater Skirt : Look 1

When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work. I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that's a little off, but I have to figure it out. I have to make it me. I think that's the thrill in fashion.


 Whats up beautiful people!
 I am suddenly loving the weather now. It's cold but not too cold and I love the sunny afternoons. At least now I don't have to cover myself up in lot of layers. I got a chance to wear my new leather skater skirt that I recently bought. I though of doing two posts with this skater skirt as lot of outfit ideas were running through my head. I have fallen in love with skater skirts and faux leather clothing. 

Therefore, I got this perfect little leather skirt that I happened to spot at Forever 21 recently. This is the first look with the skirt where I have a hint of neon. The second look would be something contrasting. For this particular outfit I though of wearing all black with a hint of neon green. I got this Jack Daniel's tee from a store in Mumbai. This is undoubtedly my most favorite tee and I love sporting this one quiet often. Neon's are pretty much the most fashionable colors right now. I absolutely love neon green and neon pink. Whenever I go shopping, all I see is these two colors. In fact, I got my laptop cover also neon green. And the Jack Daniel art work it something I personally really love. I would love to have a cellphone case with the same design.
This first look with a blazer and a long tee is something a little more formal than the second look that I have styled by wearing a crop top with the same skirt. This is my favorite blazer. It's one of those comfortable cotton blazers that fit just right and you can wear it with a dress, skirt, pants and anything possible. You can make it look pure formal or semi-formal depending on how you style it. I loved this blazer so much that I got 3 more of these in different colors from Zara.
I styled this outfit with a bold studded wrist band, studded Jeffery Campbell lita shoes and a leather backpack. I have always been a fan of studded clothes and accessories. I just ordered a studded leather mobile case online that should be arriving anytime now. I have caps, t-shirts, sneakers, bags, everything studded. So basically I was dying to get these block heels since a long time. And believe me, they are to die for. And I become pretty tall in them. Haha!
Here are the pictures! 
P.S Do check in for the next post featuring the same skater skirt with a completely new look!


 What I Wore
Skater Skirt: Forever 21
Blazer: Zara
Neon JD Tee: Bandra, Mumbai
Studded Block Heels: Stylish Womaniya 
Watch: Michael Kors
Studded Wrist Band: Punk Rock

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Floral Attack

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.
-Audrey Hepburn

Hello Pretty People!

So I went shopping the other day with mom and there is crazy sale everywhere! If you guys are planning on buying some things then this is the best time to go shopping though it gets crazy on the weekends. Specially Zara gets maddening and you gotta stand in a que for I don't know how long. I did not get anything great at Zara but Forever 21 had some really nice stuff. I had a few outfits in mind for my next few blog posts and found exactly what I wanted. Since I am too much of a denim person, I got a lot of leather skirts, skorts and skater skirts. You will get to see all of that in the coming few posts. 

I happened to find a really pretty red floral skater skirt but damn it wasn't on sale. Still it was pretty much worth it. I couldn't help but buy it. Fell absolutely in love with it the minute I saw it. I have absolutely no reds so this was the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I realized that I should have more colors in my wardrobe apart from Black! And skater skirts are a must. All you girls should have a bunch of skater skirts that you can style up with leggings, sweaters and mufflers in winters. 

Since it wasn't too cold here in Delhi during the afternoon, I could wear my new skater skirt without any leggings though I am wearing a crochet top with a nude color inner. I styled this outfit with one of the lace and satin ribbon bow I made that went perfectly with this pretty and elegant outfit. P.s if you liked the bow then you can comment below and order them. You can find the full range of bows in one of my previous blog posts here

Moving on, I wore a ring and a golden statement arm cuff from Kazo and styled my neck with this gorgeous necklace I got from Zara. I have this same necklace in both silver and golden. They just match up with so many outfits that I had to get em. I wore bright red stilettos that match with the roses of my skirt or you can stye this outfit with a pair of nude heels too. I initially though of wearing them but then these red heels were looking perfect. I closed my look with my favorite Michael Kors bag and sunglasses from Forever 21. You would never see me wearing anything except Ray bans but what the hell, I should experiment right?!   

Here is the preview video and the pictures of the outfit!

What I Wore:
Crochet top: Promod
Skater skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Zara
Rings: Forever 21
Arm Cuff: Kazo
Heels: Gk shopping
Bag: Michael Kors
Bow: Self-made

This was one of my most favorite outfits. Simple and elegant floral prints. Hope you girls enjoyed the post! Stay tuned to the blog for more pretty things coming your way.
Love and hugs!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Get Quirked Up!

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades
-Audrey Hepburn

Hey Beautiful People!
Bright colors, crazy prints and uniqueness is what my latest blog post is all about. These are the words that correlate with a brand name that most of you are aware of, "Quirk Box". I have been lovestruck with their designs since like forever. I absolutely love their sui generes designs and those bright colors. Exactly what the new generation is all about. I specially love their Stuck with Stupid collection which was launched a while back and was characterized by all neon shades in their crop tops, dresses and those stunning jackets! On their website, you will find various accessories, lifestyle products, men's collection and an assortment of gift packages too. Apart from the regular collection, they also have a stunning Quirk Box Gold collection that includes amazing garments and unique designer sarees.

To get you all a little taste of their quirkiness, i decided to collaborate with them to show you all their comeback of their popular Minion Designs and the new Frieda collection. The Minion collection has been one of their most successful ones and on popular demand they have it back on their website. In the fashion era of doodles and creative artistic designs, this minion collection is my most favorite one. When I think of anything happy, playful and young, Minions are what comes to my mind. You can find vests, bolero jackets, boyfriend jackets and dresses in the Minion Collection. I am wearing one of the Grey Minion Shift Dress from their collection. Since it's pretty chilly in Delhi right now, I styled my dress with knee length grey suede wedge boots and a simple pink blazer. 

Apart from the Minion Dress, I picked up a Frieda Crop Top from Quirk Box. This crop top is one of my most favorite designs from all their latest collections. You will be seeing a lot more of this in future. Sorry but that's how much I am in love with it. I wear size "small" and their crop top fits and holds my body so perfectly. I had been looking for crop tops since so long since everyone has been wearing them and it's pretty much in fashion right now. This Freida crop top was love at first sight. I tried to give it a more classy look to it by styling it with my full length nude sequin skirt. I never got a chance to wear this skirt as I am sure it was waiting in my closet for the right moment. To complete the look I picked up a hand bag with pastel colors that go perfectly with the outfit. 

Here is the video and the pictures of the two outfits!

What I Wore:
 Quirk Box: Minion Dress, Frieda Crop Top
Bag: Accessorize
Accessories: Promod
Boots: GK, New Delhi
Sequin Skirt: Delhi Street Shopping
Blazer: Zara

Hope you guys liked the post and yeah if you hurry then there is a big fat sale going on Quirk Box 's website here. You can buy things at 50% off. Yay! Do let me know how would you like to style their outfits. 


Monday, 12 January 2015

That Golden Touch

I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original- Aaliyah 
 I was so bored of sitting at home and decided to take my mom out for a little trip of Delhi. While looking around we came across this wonderful little place called the Railway Museum. This open ground museum has a number of antique beautiful trains. I absolutely loved the trains that looked like they have been here since the British times and they had such wonderful indoors and contours. I have barely traveled in trains but always wanted to sit in one of those pretty looking antique trains that I see in old movies and this museum had all those pretty trains. The little kid inside me was so excited that we went to take a tour on one of those little toy trains inside that takes you around the whole place.   

Since it's pretty chilly here in Delhi, I had to wear a jacket and yet at the same time wanted to give in an elegant look to the outfit. Nothing looks better than a lace jacket with a hint of nude color and black lace. Well it's not something that can keep you warm but it pretty much was good enough for me. I absolutely love the golden statement neck pieces with nude and black shades, they look really stunning and give a very royal look. Inspired by the same thing I planned on doing this blog post for you guys!

What I wore in this post is something very elegant with a hint of gold and to break the monotonous tone, I wore my new red sneakers! The lace jacked I am wearing is from Promod. It's got thin leather shoulders, golden zip and lace body. I absolutely fell in love with this jacket the minute I saw it. And lucky me, it was on sale. Yay! This jacket can be worn in three ways. Either you can open it and wear or you can pull up the zip a little and wear it like I am wearing in the very first picture or you can close the button on top and wear it as a closed neck jacket. I recently got a golden statement necklace from Kazo that I am wearing in this post. This necklace also goes really well with your traditional clothes. The bold golden cuff I am wearing is also from Kazo. I wore a dark black tang top inside with my dark blue denims. To break the dark tones I wore my red wedge sneakers making the contrast stand out. Another reason I wore these sneakers was because they are incredibly comfortable and it was easy for me to travel in them and look around. To complete my look, I picked up my all time favorite DKNY bag.

Have a look at the pictures!

 What I Wore:
Lace Jacket: Promod
Denims: Forever 21
Necklace and Cuff: Kazo