Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Hubby bought a new SuperBike: Benelli 600i

Hi there,

So I have been super busy with my YouTube Channel, Pretty Little Things  It's actually a lot of work to shoot regular video, editing them and sharing them on schedule. But I promise to blog more often now and talk to you guys about everything that we never shoot a video for. So me and my husband bought our first Sports Bike day before and I thought of doing this blog post for you to share some pictures. 

I have always been a crazy bike fan. My dad used to be a rally racer and he always wanted to teach me how to ride bikes and drive everything possible including the huge army ALS trucks. He taught me how to ride a pulsar when I was in 8th grade. Imagine! I could barely touch my toes to the ground but I took my younger brother around on the bike for a good short trip. Adventurous eh? My dad was never scared of making me do things and always had faith that I can do it. Then I met my husband Parleen who I started dating in 2011 and he was another bike freak. One big part of me liked Parleen because he had the same craziness like my dad. 2-3 months after we started dating when I was 19, he started making me ride his bike and he would just sit behind me. There was a point of time when both my dad and Parleen wanted me to buy a bike but I bought a car because in the end no matter how crazy and adventurous I get, I am a girl. 

Anyway, so almost 6 years down the line me and Parleen are married and we just got our very first sports bike, Benelli 600i. Trust me when I tell you that it's been 3 days and Parleen just doesn't want to sit in a car. We both got the bike home, got ready and went for a long ride to the outskirts of  Pune. There we had a huge plain stretch of land from where you could see  mountains on one side and from the other side you could see the whole Pune City! 

We clicked a couple of pictures there and I thought of sharing them with you because I really like them. P.s these were clicked by my brother in law Gagan and edited by me. I wore a leather jacket from Zara over a plain black tank top along with a broad choker, high waist studded Diesel denims, black fur gloves, Reflector sunnies from Aldo and wedge sneakers from Adidas. 

Enjoy the pictures! Xoxo

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog! Please don't forget to comment below and let me know if you want more blogs about me and Parleen. 
Cya next time! 

Saturday, 5 November 2016


“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen

Hey Guys!
How are you guys doing?
 Winter is almost here and Pune has started having really chilly nights. I am absolutely love the weather. You skin starts to glow, no more sweating, I can shoot more and I get amazing sleep in this weather. I am planning on doing a winter lookbook for you guys super soon. But before that let's talk about the wedding season! So many of my friends are getting married and I can't control my excitement. I am waiting to attend all the weddings and getting all dressed up in pretty outfits. I love to be in comfortable outfits during weddings as I love to run around to help with work and mostly I love dancing. I make sure to wear something which I can comfortably carry all throughout the day and it should be something I can wear with comfy flats.  

 If you guys are looking for something light and pretty for day functions then do check out my best friend Pari's online store, Bunaai! She has an impeccable sense of styling and I am super happy that she launched her online store a few weeks ago. Me and Shaurya got our hands on her pretty outfits and yes! We are twinning again. That's what we have been doing since college. Moving onto the outfit, the material is absolutely amazing and the finishing is just perfect. We are wearing a set of cold shoulder crop top along with a high waist long skirt. If you know me then you would know that I am obsessed with cold shoulder outfits and this twin set just blew my mind away!

You can find an amazing range of co-ord sets, long dresses and kurta-pant sets on her website in different designs. Also, a major reason why you should be checking out Bunaai is because it's unbelievably reasonable. You won't be able to control yourself from shopping after you check out the prices. Most of her outfits are within Rs. 2500. Isn't that insane? I teamed up my outfit with matching floral sunnies and a pair of pretty juttis. I am in love with the pretty plum shade of this outfit. This colour was majorly missing from my wardrobe but since winter is coming, I figured that it's the perfect colour to sport this season. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures :)

Location Courtesy: Deccan Harvest, Magarpatta 
P.s it's an amazing place! You guys should definitely go there for food if you are from Pune! xoxo

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Get ready with All About You From DP

‘I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.’ 

– Carrie Bradshaw

How are you guys doing?
It's October already and before we know it, winters will be here and we'll be all tucked into layers of clothing. But before winter arrives, I am making use of this beautiful weather and styling myself in pretty sun dresses. You all know how much I love wearing floral and skater dresses, I recently picked up an adorable dress from All About You From Deepika Padukone available on Myntra. They have super cute collection full of pastel shades and unique silhouettes. I make sure to check out all their latest additions specially curated by Deepika herself and have something new in my wardrobe. 

I went for a lunch date with my girlfriends a few days back and wore this floral print crepe tiered dress from All About You! You can find the outfit here. It's a very comfortable and playful sun dress. It's perfect to be worn out for a brunch or shopping date with your girlfriends. Also, who is a Gossip Girl fan? At a point of time I was completely obsessed with Blair Waldorf's headbands and I myself made so many of them. I wore one of those headbands with this dress to give in a very playful look. To complete the look I picked up a matching red bag and pumps. 

If you also love floral prints like me then do check out All About You's collection on Myntra. Trust me, you'll fall in love. Somehow I feel that floral prints never go out of fashion and no matter what season it is, they look great! You'll see a lot of floral prints this fall too but in darker shades like maroon, brown and beige. All about you has a wide range of such outfits which will be perfect for fall and the outfits are very versatile so you can style them in different ways. Here are the picture of my outfit. Enjoy! 

Dress: All About You By DP
Pumps: Intoto
Bag: Aldo

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

All About You From DP: Ethnic Love!

Hi there,

So many of you must be knowing that I recently got married and moved to Pune with my in-laws. Ever since the time I have gotten married, my style statement and preferences have changed a little. I don't know if you guys can make that out but I have been loving pretty long kurtas and pastel colours. Have you guys checked out the ethnic collection of All About You From Deepika Padukone? I have always loved the collection specially curated by Deepika herself and the ethnic collection is pretty amazing. I am a big fan of Deepika and her style and All About You has outfits which are inspired by her style. So if you haven't checked out the collection then click here

The ethnic collection is inspired by the modern romantic theme and has mostly all pastel shades. I love wearing pretty pastel colors and recently mint green has become one of my favourites. All About You From Deepika has a wide collection of suits, kurtas and duppattas in different styles. They have really pretty floral prints too and you guys know how obsessed I am with florals. I can wear them all throughout the year and they never seem to go out of fashion. The outdits have very intricate designs and exquisite detailing. You can check out the whole ethnic collection on Myntra here!

So I recently got a gorgeous mint green kurta from All About You From Deepika Padukone's Ethnic Range and completely fell in love with it. You can check out the pictures below and see how I styled it. The chanderi mint greet kurta has gorgeous embroidery on the neck, sleeves and at the bottom. I am loving the intricate and fabulous design on the kurta and the fitting is just perfect. I styled the outfit with a churidaar, a pair of white heels and have kept simple makeup with bold lips. You can shop this outfit from here

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Travel Diaries: Star Cruise Gemini

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. 
-Saint Augustine

Hi there!
So being an Army kid, I have always loved traveling and my dad is crazy about randomly picking us up and going for long drives to discover new places. My husband, Parleen also travels a lot all over the world but majorly for work as he is a singer and he has concerts at different places. I always wanted to travel with him ever since the time we started dating 5.5 years back and now that we are married, he took me to one of his international shows. We went to Singapore from where we boarded the Star Cruise, Gemini and we sailed on it for a week before docking back in Singapore. Since me and Parleen just completed 6 months of our Wedding today, I thought of sharing our travel diary with you guys. 

The Cruise Ship was huge and it was so much fun. I have never been on a ship before and being on in for a week straight was amazing. We had amazing food, nice cafe, many entertaining activities like water zumba, d.j parties at night, drama shows and then of course Parleen's show was there. I was the official photographer for him at the show so I was busy covering everything. It's like a fairytale to have your husband perform and sing like that and dedicate songs to you on the stage. I fall in love with him a little more every time I see him perform. You can check out his Youtube Channel Here! We had a super cute cabin in the ship with a window view which was to die for. Every morning I would wake up and go open the curtains to see the beautiful vast ocean. We actually barely slept that one week, we would just have our drinks, sit on the deck, take long walks across the ship and then stare at the water for hours under the moonlight. People following me on my Snapchat (lachicalocablog) would know that :D

It was truly magical! Our ship docked thrice and once we got off at a pretty place in Malaysia called Penang. The place had beautiful architecture with everything being white. It looked absolutely amazing. Me and Parleen clicked a lot of pictures together for celebrating our 6 months together as a married couple and here are some of them. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Olay White Radiance Routine

“Beauty is in the skin! Take care of it, oil it, clean it, scrub it, perfume it, and put on your best clothes, even if there is no special occasion, and you'll feel like a queen. If society is hard on you, fight back by pampering your skin. Skin is political. Otherwise why would the imams order us to hide it?” 

Hi guys!
A few days back I told you guys about how I have started using Olay's White Radiance range of products and today I am going to talk about how I have been regularly using these products and how they are helping me. Olay's White Radiance range consists of a brightening foaming cleanser, brightening intensive moisturizer, brightening night essence, brightening intensive serum and brightening intensive lotion. We should make sure that we do not experiment with our skin a lot and do apt amount of Skincare. I tried Olay's products and they suited my skin a lot so now I swear by these products. Olay's white radiance range doesn't give you superficial fairness but gives natural radiance from deep within your skin which is long lasting. 

I start my day by cleaning my face with Olay's foaming cleanser which creates a fine lather and cleans up my face thoroughly. I have oily skin type and it's very important for me to keep my face clean with a face wash which removes oil completely and leaves my face fresh. I use this face cleanser atleast twice a day and it helps in keeping my face glowing even after a rough day. After cleansing I make sure to use the brightening intensive serum by Olay. It helps in closing my pores and reduces the chances of my pores getting clogged with dirt. After this I use Olay's brightening intensive moisturizer with SPF 24. It's very important for us to use moisturizers with SPF so that our skin is protected against the harmful UV rays. So while going out or staying at home, and no matter what the weather is, I make sure to have the moisturizer on. Olay also has brightening intensive lotion which comes with SPF 24. I carry it with me and use it on my neck, arms and other exposed or dry areas on my body. It comes with a pump so it's super convenient to use. How can we end the routine with a night cream. Olay has a brightening intensive night essence cream which helps in repairing your skin and getting your inner glow back. 

The best part about Olay's products is that these penetrate deep within your dull and damaged skin and helps in getting your lost glow back naturally. It takes about 4 weeks for these products to start working and then you would see how your skin tone becomes even and your get your natural radiance back. It also helps in enhancing skins metabolic rate which helps in reducing dark spots. Olay white radiance range of products penetrate 10 layers deep within your skin and gives a long-lasting glow from within. These products have been working out great for me and I would highly recommend them for you too.