Friday, 6 May 2016

Atranginee: Aaina and Shararat

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” — Yves Saint Laurent


My today's blog feature is a really special one. It's about a sneak peek of designs by this amazing designer I know. I am talking about Sakshi Kohli's label Saakk and her new collection called Atranginee. Sakshi comes from the most visited pilgrimage city and one of the most Holy cities of India, Banaras. All her designs are a culmination of unique handwork along with a flavour of Banaras. I recently went to Banaras to check out her latest collection and trust me, I completely fell in love! I selected my favourite outfits from her collection and thought of showing you guys what they are all about. In this post, you'll see a gorgeous mirror work lehenga and get a sneak peek of the Indo-Western half open Anarkali outfit. 

One of Sakshi's forte is working on original mirror work. This lehenga has mirror work all over in different shapes and sizes. This was the first time I was wearing a lehenga with such amazing mirror work and since the mirrors are original, the lehenga is a little heavy and it feels so good to wear something handcrafted with so much love and originality. The lehenga is completely hand embroidered to perfection and reflects the bride inside out and depicts her happiness, her glamour, her charisma and her excitement. This lehenga is made on Shibori which is a type of tie and dye. I completely love the look of tie and dye and it's trending a lot. The lehenga also has really unique fat latkans which are back in fashion. The latkans look very attractive and they accentuate the overall look of the lehenga. The duppatta is made of net and has mirror work on it too. The mirror work is done with Zari which looks very stunning. The outfit is made with love from Banaras for the brides all over the world. It's priced at Rs. 49,999 only. I wish I had seen this lehenga during my wedding, I would have loved to wear it at my Mehandi function. 
P.s Saakk by Sakshi would only be keeping 10 pieces of each outfit so hurry up and send in your orders at and mail them your orders with the CODE: BrideLikeAakriti to get special offers.

This second outfit is my personal favourite. It completely defines me and my style. It is a fusion outfit with a Sharara and an Indo Western Anarkali which is open on one side. The outfit has Zari and thread embroidery all over. You can get a duppatta with this outfit after paying an extra lil something. The outfit is made from pure chiffon, georgette and chanderi. I love how light and comfortable this outfit is and it's super convenient for a Bride to wear at lighter functions specially if you are like me and you love dancing, you would want to be in something as comfortable and pretty as this. This outfit is in two of my most favourite colours, turquoise and blue. And if you want this outfit can be customised in a colour of your choice too! Its price is Rs. 29,999 only. Check out  little sneak peak of the outfit below. 
P.s the whole video with all outfits shot in Banaras will be out soon. It's produced by Mantra Productions and directed by Niharika Malhotra. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Samsung Gear S2- My Favourite 5 Features

Don't be afraid to express yourself through fashion!
-Chanel Iman

Hey there!
How are you all doing?

Many of you guys have been asking me about the features of Samsung Gear S2 on my social media.  Since I have been using the watch for a while now, and I have pretty much tried out all the features (yes, I’m THAT obsessed with it!), I thought of doing a blog post for you guys about the Top 5 Features of this wearable.

Of the many features of Gear S2, here are my 5 best features that I have been using pretty much every day: 

1. Music App 
The music app in Samsung Gear S2 let's you play music by one touch of your finger. It's so convenient to have Gear S2 on your wrist and start playing music in a fraction of a second. I am a big music freak and I listen to music all day long. I can't work or run without a track, so this feature of Gear S2 is really helpful for me. 

2. Calendar and Reminders 

You can sync your phone with Samsung Gear S2 and all your events, birthdays, appointments and everything that fits your calendar would be right there on your wrist. I am a big dope when it comes to remembering birthdays and other dates so I need someone to remind me everything. Samsung Gear S2 makes sure to remind me of all important dates and things that I need to do. 

3. Calorie Meter

Ever since the wedding, I have been eating so much! My parents in law are making sure to pamper me with all things sweet and making me eat all day long. My Samsung Gear S2 helps me monitor my diet and tells me how many calories I have consumed in a day. It's super convenient to know how many calories I had so that I can push myself to go running later and don't turn into a baby elephant!

4. Caffeine and Water Measurement

Okay so there is a thing with me that I barely have any water at all. I know how important water is but I genuinely don't remember to have water and I instead have coffee or other liquids. My Samsung Gear S2 makes sure to keep a count on my water and coffee intake. Every time I look at it, I feel the need of going and having water  and my coffee consumption has also reduced!

5. Heart Rate and Workout Monitoring 
For all you freak who love gyming and working out, this watch is pretty apt for you. It really helps that this wearable can help you monitor your heart rate. I always check my heart rate before and after working out.

The watch also tells me how much workout have I done and how many steps I walked in a day. Even if you are super lazy, this feature will make you want to get up and become active. When you see how inactive you have been the whole day, you'll definitely want to get up and do something.