Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Co-ord Love!

Fashion fades, only style remains the same. 
-Coco Chanel

Hi there!
How are you guys doing?
It's raining everyday in Pune and the weather is absolutely amazing. I love listening to music and going out for long drives in this gorgeous weather. Don't you just love the smell of wet mud and the sound of rain drops? I enjoy this weather the most and I become all happy happy. I am crazy about driving and I love going for long drives. You can give me the car and I can drive for hours without getting tired. Recently I had to go for an event and so me along with my best friend got all decked up and went for having some fun. We clicked some pictures on our way and you can check them out below!

I this bralets are the best things I came across. I love how you can style them with everything and you don't have to bother about anything showing. I love wearing deep backs and big arm hole tops so bralets are a life saver for me. I have them in every colour possible and these come in different styles too. In this outfit, I am wearing a bralette with lack back and the front has a neck of net. I love how pretty this bralette looks and can be styled with anything high waist. 

I wore this bralette with a gorgeous red skirt from Missa More Clothing. The skirt has a short lining skirt inside over which there is a long sheer coverup with slit. I absolutely love the fitting and the skirt looks very unique and gorgeous. The combination of Red and Black anyways looks very bold and stands out. You can also wear this skirt with other fitted crop tops or make it look sporty with a racer back black top and wedge sneakers. I will try to style the skirt in that way too and put up the pictures. Everyone has a sense of style and mine depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to just throw on my shoes and wear a tee and other times I want to look elegant and more graceful. Figure out your style and wear the outfit in your own way. 

I wore the outfit with a pair of comfortable block heels along with a pair of reflector sunnies from Missa More. My ring is from the latest leaf collection of Shilpa Puri designer jewellery and you guys should really check out her range. I hope you guys liked the outfit!
Stay tuned for more! xoxo

Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Fitness Regime with Clovia

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.
-Morihei Ueshiba

Hey Guys!
How are you all doing?
So most of you guys have been asking me about my fitness regime and wanted me to talk about how I maintain myself even after the wedding. Well I finally decided to talk a little about the same and I thought of motivating you guys to get up and do something. I firstly make sure to have a lot of water as helps in getting your body rid of all the toxins and tightens up your skin. I have to be honest with you guys and tell you that I have been blessed with an amazing metabolism. You have to see my dad and then you would know where I got my genes from. So I eat a lot and never compromise on my food but still I manage to stay thin. But that's not what we should be content with. Our main aim should be to make our body fit. Not all thin girls are fit. We should train ourselves to have a lot of stamina and flexibility. Apart from this I love meditating and doing a little yoga also. I have never been a gym person but I love running outside. I love looking at nature and people around me, listening to good music and running. I make sure to go running every evening and then I do some push-ups and crunches. And ever since my wedding, I am also making sure to not to eat any junk from outside and I have proper 3 meals in a day at home. With a certain age when you are growing up, you tend to start gaining weight and it just doesn't shed off that easily like it used to when we were young. So make sure you start training right now and keep yourselves fit always. 

Having said all of the above things, I wanted to talk to you guys about your sportswear too. Many of us have no idea what to wear while gyming, running and exercising. And I can't emphasize enough on how important it is to wear the right sports wear. Make sure to wear something comfortable and don't wear denims or pants. Our body needs to breathe while exercising and we should wearing proper sportswear for the same which is of very good quality. I would suggest you guys to have a look at the sportswear collection by Clovia as everything by them is of great quality, fit and is very reasonably priced. I recently got a pair of pink neon tracks, a black top and a black sports bra from them. Wearing a sports bra helps you in providing additional support to your body and it's as essential as wearing the right sports shoes. I am absolutely loving the comfort these clothes provide me while doing yoga. I love Clovia's products as they have a wide variety of sports bras, tops and track pants in different colors and designs. I am sure many of us don't realize this but proper clothing and good comfortable shoes are very very important while exercising. So make sure that you guys take care of what you wear and keep your comfort at utmost priority. P.s you can check out the range of active wear by Clovia here!

Here are some pictures of me at my morning yoga sessions wearing the stretchy high rise tights, polyamide seamless sports bra with cross back straps and black active wear top with inbuilt bra.