Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Shaving Everyday?


I have been traveling so much guys and I thought of doing this blog to answer a big question! Is shaving everyday okay? Trust me when I say this, I never get time to wait and grow my hair and then have the patience to get myself waxed. It's super convenient to just get up in the morning, shave and move out. I shoot everyday and so I wear a lot of outfits that would show hair. I am sure that even you girls want to wear those pretty outfits anytime you want and not care about hair right? The only answer is Shaving! 

I initially tried to wait, let me hair grow a little, hide them under full sleeves and pants so that they grow enough to be waxed but then I had to think so much before wearing anything. Also, in our fast running lives, jobs, schools, colleges and busy schedules, it gets super tough to find time to make an appointment and get yourself waxed. All you need to do is get up in the morning, dip your legs in warm water, use Gillette Venus Shaving Cream, shave and moisturise. You can do this in barely sometime and then head out without wasting anytime. 

Now coming onto the doubt you guys have, is shaving everyday okay for our skin? Yes! I have been shaving everyday since 10th grade now and my skin is great! Shaving actually exfoliates the top layer of our dead skin cells vs waxing that causes in growth hair. And in growth hair are super annoying. They look bad and give an impression on uneven black skin and feel really uncomfortable. Save yourself the trouble and go for waxing. Shaving barely takes 2 mins of your time so make sure to use Gillette Venus Razor every morning while taking bath and stay hair free all the time. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

OPPO F3 Black Version

Any colour - so long as it's black.
-Henry Ford

When I get asked what I do for a living, I always ends up in feeling like an exotic animal in a zoo, or a nice painting in a museum. The sentence “I’m a fashion editor” instantly makes everybody check me out from head to toe, suddenly noticing fancy details or discovering brand new colors and patterns.  One colour that we all will agree is everything for us is black! I say whenever in doubt please wear black.

This cricketing season, OPPO is cheering for Team India with the black version of OPPO F3! How awesome is that? So OPPO is officially auctioning OPPO F3 Black BCCI Edition and you guys definitely need to go check out their latest tv commercial with Team India here! The phone looks absolutely fierce and gorgeous! Oppo F3 is the only phone in the market that markets itself solely for its excellent phone quality and camera​ pictures. If you evaluate, most of us use our phones for its camera after its basic connectivity functions and buying a phone with an excellent camera is so important especially if you’re in a field like mine, where your phone is your virtual buddy.

Besides its auto adjusting features, another addition to the phones camera features is it's group selfie camera mode. We often take group selfies and its always such a struggle to adjust everyone in that small frame, but with the new OPPO F3 and it's wide angle feature you can fit all your friends in.

I personally love black and I feel it’s a really edgy and stylish colour that stays young forever. I am so glad that OPPO picked black for the BCCI edition. You guys definitely need to go check out this edition! I am all ready to cheer for Team India in the India vs Pakistan match and capture some amazing pictures and moments in OPPO F3, One for selfie one for group selfie! Lets bring your style and amazing picture quality to one device.