Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Hi Girls!
So I really wanted to talk to you all about this important topic which we all mostly don't discuss. PERIODS! I recently made two friends in the gym and I love working out with them. They both are very driven and enthusiastic women who know what they want but what bothered me was that even though they were so regular at the gym, they both skipped gym during their periods. Similarly, my cousin sisters skip school and when I was working, my colleagues skipped office. I strongly feel that women should feel comfortable in their skin and nothing should stop them from achieving what they want. 

We all need to make sure that our hygiene is of utmost importance and nothing can replace a good sanitary napkin. It will give you the confidence to go on without being conscious or uncomfortable about anything. Whisper was the first sanitary napkin which I started using when I got periods at 13. Even since then Whisper has my trust and I recently started using the New Whisper Ultra Soft which provides superior comfort that we all need during periods. We shouldn't hold ourselves back while on periods and stop ourselves from doing anything. We all face the problems of feeling uncomfortable, getting rashes, heavy flow, leakage from sides and the back while we sleep but the new Whisper Ultra Soft as the name suggests is 2x softer with a very soft top sheet and ultra soft side wings. It also has soft tiny pores that drive the liquid to the core of the pad where it is locked and prevents it from spreading anywhere else. It also makes sure to absorb more hour after hour and keep you tension free even during a heavy flow. And if you are concerned about about the flow at night then stop worrying as the new Whisper Ultra Soft has a long and wider back for long lasting performance. 

I never stop myself from doing anything during those five days. My routine stays unaffected and I make sure to work and do everything like I do on any normal day. Whisper goes with me everywhere and gives me the confidence to shoot without worrying about the hours I spend working, it let's me go to the gym and workout without getting conscious, it let's me travel anywhere I want to without caring about the comfort and lastly, it helps me in giving a sound and carefree sleep. 

I hope I was able to motivate you girls enough to make the right choice for sanitary napkin and not stop yourselves from reaching your full potential. We girls are really special and we are known for multi-tasking. Let's keep our spirits high all the time and achieve what we aim for without having to stop for a few days in between. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Alex Twenteen Lookbook: Formal to Casual

I'm a multidimensional person and that's the freedom of fashion: that you're able to reinvent yourself through how you dress and how you cut your hair or whatever.
-Emma Watson 

Hi there!
Nor many of you know that I was working full time in a corporate firm before I started blogging and after I finished my MBA. So I thought of doing this blog to tell you guys about smart and versatile formal wear that you can wear to get that edgy look to work and college. I get a lot of requests from college going readers and working women about where do I shop my formals from and how should they style their boring formal wear to stand out. Well, you guys need to check out 

Alex Twenteen is a one stop online shop for all things formal and smart casuals with great silhouettes that are structured and well fitted. They make outfits using premium quality of material and make sure on keep the quality of products high. Their outfits are playful and bold which will make you feel stronger and primed. It is very important to dress well as it oozes up your confidence and gives you that extra edge over others to stand out. I made sure to dress well each day and trust me, it helps. I looked nice, I stood out of the crowd, I had more confidence and looked very presentable. The best part about the outfits from Alex Twenteen is that their outfits are made on Day to Night concept. So you can wear their outfits to work and then style them up for anything after office too. So you can step out in style to kick the post work stress too. We normally went for coffee after work or on weekends we went for drinks, I always had an outfit on that could look formal in office and edgy for after office activities. All you gotta do is, add some accessories and nice footwear to glam up your look. 

I love the outfits by Alex Twenteen as their outfits make your personality look strong and gives and edge to your look. The brand reflects the strong resilient woman in you. I truly believe that adording their outfits made me feel stronger and primed. I styled three of their formal outfits for you to see how they can be worn to work but can be styled to be ready for any other occasion post work. 

The first outfit I wore is a jumpsuit which is off shoulder. You guys know I love wearing off-shoulder and this outfit is the perfect example of their smart structure outfit that can be work for a day to night look. 

The second outfit is an example of how you can turn a casual top into an edgy comfortable evening look. I am wearing their monochrome crop top styled with a pair of comfy leggings. 

The third outfit a perfect red formal dress but with a little slit in the front. I love how this dress looks super formal for work but after work you can style it to look bold and edgy. 

Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to check out 
P.s You can inbox at to receive a special discount voucher worth Rs. 500/- for any purchase with Alex twenteen.